Employee Training Portal

Empower Employees
Improve Performance

Grow your business with training done right. Accessible anytime and anywhere, our employee training portal offers a customizable solution that’ll take your organization to the next level. Improve or refresh skills through training videos, downloadable files, documents, and more.

Finding a training portal that suits your business can be a struggle

Top-notch training is essential to the growth and success of any business. Yet, it can be a challenge to find a platform that meets your organization’s specific needs.

  • Limited Customization

    Many training portals offer a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn't allow businesses to tailor the training to their specific needs.

  • Lack of Engagement

    Traditional training methods such as long-form videos or written materials can be dull and uninspiring, leading to low engagement and retention rates.

  • Inflexible Schedules

    Traditional training methods may require employees to take time away from their work or personal lives to complete the training.

  • Inadequate Tracking & Reporting

    Without proper tracking and reporting, it's difficult to accurately measure the success of their training program, making it difficult to justify the time and resources invested.

A flexible and engaging training solution for any organization

Enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees with a customizable training platform

You can tailor things to what best suits your organization. Whether it’s downloadable files, training videos, quizzes, or certification, our portal offers a flexible solution that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Simple & Easy to Use (Mobile Friendly)

  • Secure Login

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Courses

  • Course Content Protection

  • Advanced Quizzing

  • Certificates & Badges

  • Easily Updated

  • Profile Dashboard

  • Automated Notifications

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Leaderboards
    (Points System)

  • Updates Timeline

interactive and effective training courses

  • Course Builder

    Easily create courses how you want them or edit course settings and rearrange lessons when things change.

  • Content Protection

    Set access to courses based on a set of prerequisites. Content is only available to enrolled users.

  • Content and Materials

    A variety of content types for further customization; including videos, pictures, text, and downloadable materials.

  • Quizzes and Assignments

    Add quizzes and assignments to improve engagement and to help your employees/franchisees remember what they've learned.

  • Award Certificates

    Award users with a certificate upon course completion.

Downloadable Resources and Documents

  • Admin Documents

    Any admin-related documents or forms that may need to be shared with your employees/franchisees.

  • Job Applications/Descriptions

    Write a job description once and upload it for use next time. Or, download your application for somebody to fill out.

  • Social Media Graphics

    Create some social media graphics that can be stored in one place for your employees/franchisees to downloaded and post.

  • Brand Assets

    Quickly download your brand assets, including your logo files, icons, fonts, or other brand elements you may have.

Admin Dashboard

  • Admin Training

    You'll have access to an admin training course (only for admins) that teaches you everything you need to know.

  • Add and Manage Users

    Register new team members and determine what they have access to. View their course progress, quiz results, and reset their progress and/or password if necessary.

  • Reports

    View an overview of what courses are completed, in progress, or not yet started, as well as recent activity.

What our customers say

I recently had the pleasure of using the training portal created by Clement Creative Group for my company, PIXELIT, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows my employees to access and engage with training materials.

Training courses are next-level and highly engaging, making it easy for my team to learn and retain crucial information. Additionally, the ability to download resources from the portal has made it incredibly convenient for our employees to access the information they need when they need it.

Overall, I am very impressed with the training portal created by Clement Creative Group. It has streamlined our training process and has been a valuable resource for the team. I highly recommend their services to any company looking to improve their training initiatives.

Zachariah Yelle


It's not just a tool
It's an investment

Stop struggling with training and start seeing results. See a significant improvement in employee skills and knowledge, leading to increased productivity, engagement, and success for your organization.

One Time Payment
Or 12 payments of $1500
  • Simple & Easy to Use (Mobile Friendly)

  • Secure Login

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Courses

  • Course Content Protection

  • Advanced Quizzing

  • Certificates & Badges

  • Easily Updated

  • Profile Dashboard

  • Automated Notifications

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Leaderboards
    (Points System)

  • Updates Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an app I can get on my phone?

The portal is designed to work both on a computer and a phone for easy access anytime, anywhere. Your users can add a shortcut to the web portal to their phones home screen for quick and easy access.

How Customizable Is It?

Your logo, colors, and fonts are all utilized to make the portal look and feel like it’s yours, exactly how you envision it.

But there’s more to it than just looks. You can adjust the platform to prioritize the things that suit your business best. Want to focus heavily on the training courses and less on the resources, or vice versa? You got it!

Add and rearrange “widgets” on the dashboard to give users a quick glance at recently added materials and other important information.

Can we add more sections to the portal down the road?

Yepp! This portal was designed to make things easier for businesses to train employees and give them a place where they can go for just about anything they’ll need.

You can purchase “add-ons” at anytime that add even more great features! Such as your own gear store where users can order your apparel and promotional items, or an events calendar to view, schedule, or register for upcoming events.

How easy is it to add a new course?

Adding courses (and other resources/documents) is an easy process! We make sure to teach you how to do so and also put together an admin training course that you can use to refresh your memory down the road.

Let's get started